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Feret diameter and oriented box

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Compute Feret diameters and oriented bounding box from label image



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Two functions for working with the Feret diameter of labelized particles in images.
The function imFeretDiameter computes the Feret diameter for each one of the specified directions. The maximal diameter can be obtained by computing the max of the result.

The function imOrientedBox computes Feret diameter for several directions, and keep the direction that produces the minimal-area enclosing rectangle. The function drawOrientedBox can be used for visualising result.

Both functions could easily be adapted to a set of points.

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Sehairi K.


kayla (view profile)

Sehairi K.

Many thanks for this code


Abhik (view profile)


Sergio (view profile)

ben payne

ben payne (view profile)

Works as desired! Good documentation too.



enhance precision, add psb to specify spatial calibration, and to computes diameter or box only for specific labels

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MATLAB 8.3 (R2014a)

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