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Zoom Keys

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Pan and zoom quickly around your 2-D data using mouse and keyboard shortcuts.



Use this tool to move quickly around the data displayed in a 2-D plot. Make sure the figure has focus, and then press any of the following keys. Clicking and dragging will pan the data.

Keys you can use are:
z, Z: zoom in, zoom out, in both dimensions
x, X: zoom in, zoom out, x dimension only
y, Y: zoom in, zoom out, y dimension only
arrow keys: pan the data
a: axis auto
n: axis normal
e: axis equal
g: toggle grid state
spacebar: toggle axis tick display state
h: help

Comments and Ratings (11)

Very useful tool.


Theo (view profile)

Quite handy. Thanks.Can you also include the ability to zoom to where to mouse is pointing?


Dmitry (view profile)

Excellent and very helpfull !!!
It made my matlab to be very handy tool !
Thanks a lot !


A (view profile)

I´m not able to start this m-File.
When I call "axdrag" from the command window, I get this error-message:

"Warning: Setting the "KeyPressFcn" property is not permitted while this mode is active.
>In uitools.uimodemanager.uimodemanager>localModeWarn at 59 In axdrag at 54"

I use R2009b.
Thank you for your help.


Great tool.
Should be built into plot. Since plot navagation in matlab is a huge pain.

Dinesh Appya

Its really excellent

Kalpit Desai

Awesome tool! Everything I need with easy-to-use interface. Thank you Ned!


Anand Joshi

a very useful tool for me to scroll through the data consisting of several cycles. will try to enhance it by providing mouse controls as well

tom turbo

Antonin Garriga

very interesting



Moving to GitHub.


Changed copyright information and submission title.

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