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STL to FACET model geometry file converter

version (3.65 KB) by Eric Trautmann
This script imports an STL file and writes a .facet file commonly used by Xpatch, etc.


Updated 31 Mar 2011

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This file uses import_stl_fast to pull in model geometry and write an appropriate .facet file. If you require the ability to import binary stl files, import_stl_fast can be replaced with another importer from the file exchange.

The current version does not have inputs for different materials.

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Eric Trautmann (2020). STL to FACET model geometry file converter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Michael S.

To keep this converter running in Matlab version R2015a or later, replace import_stl_fast() line 47, which included \r\n values as format strings, completely with:

fmt = '%*[facet] %*[normal] %f32 %f32 %f32 %*[outer] %*[loop] %*[vertex] %f32 %f32 %f32 %*[vertex] %f32 %f32 %f32 %*[vertex] %f32 %f32 %f32 %*[endloop] %*[endfacet]';

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Created with R2010b
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Inspired: Polarizability_GUI5