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Round values after the decimal point

version (1.6 KB) by Tobias Otto
Rounding values at a defined place after the decimal point.

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Updated 28 Apr 2011

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Useful helper function that rounds scalars, vectors or matrices smaller/bigger than zero at a defined place after the decimal point.
Needs two input arguments to work properly: out = sRound(val, precision)

Usage: out = sRound(val, prec)

Example1: a = sRound(0.46,1);
a = 0.5000

Example2: b = sRound(-5.478,2);
b = -5.4800

Example3: c = sRound([0.8236 2.6958 3.3171 0.9502 0.0364], 3);
c = 0.8240 2.6960 3.3170 0.9500 0.0360 0.34330

Example4: d = sRound([-0.1694 -1.4351 0.3925; -0.0522 -2.6 1.3433], 3);
d = -0.1690 -1.4350 0.3930
-0.0520 -2.6000 1.3430
Example5: e = sRound(3.5);
e = 4

This code should run with every MATLAB version.

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* The expanded user info is helpful.
* You are right: NARGIN > 2 is caught by Matlab already.
* While "prec=10^prec" is indeed necessary, "res=val - floor(val)" and adding the fractional and integer part afterwards again is not. I get the same result by: "prec = 10^prec; out = round(val * prec) / prec;".

Tobias Otto

Hi Jan, thank you for your Comments and suggestions.
* I've added more user info and examples

* Error handling for nargin>2 is done by MATLAB. Please check:sRound(3.21,2,2)
??? Error using ==> sRound
Too many input arguments.
Everything else is handled in sRound.

* prec = 10^prec; is necessary for my function to work. Please double check my code or simply comment out the line and check yourself.


See also: and
The checks for the number of inputs does not catch more than 2 inputs. "if nargin==1, prec=0; elseif nargin ~= 2, error(), end" would be exhaustive.
Splitting the input into integer and fractional part is not needed. "prec = 10^prec;
out = round(val*prec)/prec;" would be sufficient.
It would be helpful, if you explain the type and dimensions of the accepted input (DOUBLE and SINGLE? Arrays or just scalar?).

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Created with R2011a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: Average_precision(Outputs,test_target)

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