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Rotate numeric Xtick labels by 90 degrees.


Updated 25 Mar 2003

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When the XTick labels are long numbers that overlap, making them hard to read or distinguish from one another, you may need to use XTICKLABEL_ROTATE90 in order to orient the tick labels vertically rather than horizontally.

Example 1: Set the positions of the XTicks and rotate them.

xlim([1960 2004]);
%Set "Property-value" pairs

Example 2: Rotate XTickLabels at their current position

XTick = get(gca,'XTick');

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Denis Gilbert (2020). XTICKLABEL_ROTATE90 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Heiner Körnich

Works nicely with Matlab. Very useful extension. But I had problems to convert the ps-output from matlab to pdf.
So, if you want final pdf-output, I recommend using the routine xticklabel_rotate instead.

Can Ozan Tan

Great utility, one possible improvement to allow strings to be used as labels as well (current version allows only numeric labels):
-allow two input arguments in the preamble:
---XTick (tick positions - numeric - already there)
---XTickLabels (tick labels - could be either numeric or string - new arg)
-comment out line 42 :
xTickLabels = num2str(XTick);
And one glitch:
-When exported, 90 degrees rotated labels appear as if in italics, lower/higher degree rotations (e.g. 89/91) do not solve the issue.

A. El-Wakeel

You can also change the angle from 90 to 45 for example by changing it in the last row in the program.

Urs Schwarz (us)

very nice utility
a few improvements could include
- adjust fontsize to GCA's current fontsize
- add possibility to change other TEXT props


1) Fontsize is now set equal to the default axes fontsize.

2) Vectorization of text command

3) Now allows for the specification of text property-value pairs, as suggested by Urs Schwarz.

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