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PURE-LET for Poisson image denoising

version (165 KB) by SANDEEP PALAKKAL
This is an implementation of the PURE-LET, recently proposed for Poisson image denoising.


Updated 25 May 2011

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PURE-LET has been recently proposed [1] as noise removal strategy from Poisson-count images. Specifically, PURE (Poisson unbiased risk estimator) is an unbiased estimate, defined in the Haar wavelet domain, of the mean-squared error between the original image and the estimated image. PURE-LET attempts to estimate the true image from the noisy image by minimizing PURE. PURE-LET involves inversion of a small size matrix.

[1] F. Luisier, C. Vonesch, T. Blu, M. Unser, "Fast Interscale Wavelet Denoising of Poisson-corrupted Images", Signal Processing, vol. 90, no. 2, pp. 415-427, February 2010.

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SANDEEP PALAKKAL (2021). PURE-LET for Poisson image denoising (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Alexander Schmid

Very nice submission ;) I have one question: Where in the code is it possible to change the sigma, like in the custom mode of the ImageJ Plugin? Do I have to adjust the filter kernels LoD, HiD (h, d)?

Brett Gyarfas

@Nia Just changed the graymax variable in psnr folder to graymax = 2^16-1;


Thank you for this submission. While it is working very well for 8-bits image, it does not work for 16 bits. How can I change it top work for that class of image ?

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