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Amplify and Forward Cooperative Protocol

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This program provides SER analysis of amplify and forward cooperative protocol using QPSK modulation


Updated 29 May 2011

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Simple Rayleigh fading channel model is used. MRC is used at receiver.Comments are provided with each line. Any mistake or suggestion welcome.

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Appreciate your efforts.
Can you provide any source code for DF in multi relay system?

prabha A

Need code for analysis of amplify and forward cooperative protocol using BPSK modulation?

prabha A

Do you have any code for multi relay Hybrid or AF or DF ?

ragini k

can anybody have code for full duplex communication using relay between source and destination



can you have code for more than one relay?? because i have doubt that how transmited signal will detect at the destination from different signals from relay??

elektro ITS


elektro ITS

good, thank u


I found the errors..In line no 35 and 41 transmit power is Pb instead of Pb/2.. Also in line no 44 MRC is wrong.. Follow these book for exact equation..'Cooperative communications and networking' by Y. W. Peter Hong or 'Cooperative communications and networking' by K. J. Ray Liu

good work !!!
Do you have any code for multi relay AF or DF ?


Hi Abrar, I would ask about the reference(paper) of this code

Jamal Ahmad

Hi Abrar,
your simulated and theoritical curves are not the same.
it must be the same.


mansoor z

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