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mtit: a pedestrian major title creator

version (2.36 KB) by us
MTIT creates a major title in a figure with many axes


Updated 13 Nov 2009

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Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week

- creates a major title above all axes in a figure
- preserves the stack order of the axes

several options allow to fine-tune the position of the title and typical text property/value pairs may be used as additional input to further adjust its looks

> help mtit
for usage and a brief example for this small utility

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Comments and Ratings (54)

Nachiket Wadwankar

Works like a charm!!


Setare Hajarolasvadi

Alutsyah Luthfian

I suggest an edit for the line 83 up to 86:

>> if all(cellfun(@ischar,varargin{1}))
>> vl(1)=false;
>> figh=gcf;
>> txt=varargin{1};

so that we can have a multiline super-title.

Kalel Rossi

Nedgine Laurenceau

Sorry, it's ok. good function

Nedgine Laurenceau

I don't find this function. When I tap "help mtit", it's not found

Filipe Borges

Awesome function! Is there a way to make the final figure not visible? Apparently it sets the visibility to "on" and I could no change it =/.

Adwait Kale

Thank you!

Ricardo Queiros

Abbas Orand


Does not seem to work correctly in R2017a (supertitle does not appear)

Patrick Bevington

Apologies: This is only adds a space at the top and does not split the line. Solved a problem I had with the title covering part of the axis.

Patrick Bevington

A work around for this function not being able to split tiles i.e. mtit({'Line1','Line2'}), is to first put a blank title over your first subplot. Example below:
p=mtit('the BIG title')


hong-liang sun



is there a way to turn off or erase the title once it's generated using mtit?

Arda Aksu

you have some indent issues! :)




Works great! NB. seems to be incompatible with new graphics in the 2014b release, hope you can modify it to sense the matlab release and operate accordingly.




Awesome dude. Thanks. Works great.


Thank you! Works great!


Thanks. Great function, works well.

My only complaint is that line 136:


causes a figure's 'Visible' property to be set to 'on' (I had turned it off to save time and resources). A better solution might be:


which updates the current axis without changing the state of the parent figure, as documented in the help file for the "axes" command (doc axes). I don't know how that will affect the order of the figure's 'Children' property though.


As Kris Thielemans points out, if you specify a Y offset without specifying an X offset, the value will be applied to the title's X offset. The user can circumvent the bug by specifying a 0 offset for x in the command call. The bug can be fixed in the code by moving line 155 ("io=io+1;") in the "get_off" function to before the if statement (say to a new line 154).

Rafa Valero

Thanks, It works really well.

Kris Thielemans

works nicely.

Only problem I see is with handling of the offset options. For example,


actually gives an xoffset. Seems you have to specify x,y offset in order.


To those who are asking about a second line in the title, or making just more space for it, that's easy, just use sprintf inside mtit, like this:
mtit(sprintf('LINE 1 \n LINE 2\n\n\n'))

By the way, I haven't used all the options, but at least for the basic stuff (title for a 2x2 figure) it works very well.


Can you please update it for a title input as a cell, where we can define more than a single line title as well?



Its working fine


mtit ('Vz=25', 'FontWeight','bold');
when use this command to have a title for my subplots
It displays an error like the one shown below
??? Undefined function or method 'mtit' for input arguments of type 'char'.


works nicely!

Lakshmi Kolluru

its really nice and helped me do what i wanted.


Maikol Solís Chacón

Heinri Brink

Ok, but this does not work for a two line title. I want to add a title with two lines as in title({Line1,Line2});

Joshua Kaizer

works very well

Roland Pasto


A simple, handy function - thank you!

However, I had trouble with the 'xoff', 'yoff', etc. options. When specifying just one of these, the title moved horizontally no matter which of these offsets was entered. I exchanged lines 154 and 155 in the code:

if any(ix)

and now the offsets work individually or together.

Pawel S

Very easy to handle. It did exaclty what I wanted. Thx!

Adam A

Does the job nicely, thanks.



this happens by design:
after MTIT terminates, the current (active) axis (GCA) is the handle of the invisible surrounding axis created by MTIT...
i've changed this behavior and an update should show up soon...
in the meantime, you can use this (tedious) approach
% create your figure/axes
cah=gca; % <- save current axis handle
axes(cah); % <- reset current axis handle


sophie neve

I got a problem with it... makes the rotation of 3D surf impossible....

Dave Watts

Nice but to be really good the rest of the plot needs to be moved to create space for the title

Mark Gregor

Great work, good to have it.

Heesun Kiem

This is one I have been looking. It is very useful. Thanks.

Tom Fitzpatrick

nice one, just what i was looking for

p kung

Madhusudhanan Balasubramanian

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R12
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: mysubplot: subplots with major title, figtitle

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