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2D Extrapolation

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Function to perform 2D extrapolation


Updated 05 Aug 2011

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The function makes use of the inbuilt interp1 function to perform 2D extrapolation on a given data set. The input to the function is in the same format as required by interp2.

eg. Zi = interpextrap2(X,Y,Z,Xi,Yi).

Only it does not take "method" input. Method is 'cubic' by default. But the 'method' can be changed by editing the function.

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Nachiket (2021). 2D Extrapolation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Vigan Mensah


maybe I am wrong but I think && should be replace by & since you are comparing matrices and not a scalar

jose tapia

I compared this function with 2D table of Simulink and it is very diferent. Doesn't work like I expected.

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