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Area and volume of a 3D convex hull

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Volume and area of a 3D convex hull.


Updated 25 Apr 2003

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Takes an Nx3 matrix of vertices representing the extreme points of a surface, calls convexhulln to get a convex hull of these points, and uses the resulting facet list to compute the area of that convex hull. Vectorized for speed.

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Malcolm A. MacIver (2021). Area and volume of a 3D convex hull (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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just what i was looking for! cheers mate!

Chieh-Wen Lo

Wow... Fantastic... You really do me a favor, Thanks :)

Jim P

Try these coordinates:

2 equal area squares at right angles to each other:

1 1 1
1 1 4
1 4 1
1 4 4
4 1 1
4 1 4

the single face area should be 18 sq units, or 32 sq units for both sides of the face.

The algorhythm computes the area to be 39.7279 sq units.

Matthew Ghanma

I'm trying to verify the result of your algorithm, I think it gives double the area! Can you please look into this. I tried it on the coordinates of simple planar square.

Birajashis Pattnaik

That is working very fine. Thanks. But what about the ploting the convex hull atleast in lower dimension. Can anybody help?

Jason Matthews

Works well

guilhem Dezanneau

works very well...thanks a lot

Michael Willcox

Exactly what I needed and it DOES find the just doesn't output it to the screen.

Marie Weiss

the convex hull volume is not computed and that was what I needed!

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