STFT, MDCT and inverses. Onset and pitch detection

Short Time Fourier Transform, MDCT and their inverse. CQT. Onset and Pitch detection.


Updated 27 Aug 2012

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Class name : Signal
handles basic Signal operations and transforms.
* wave loading
* STFT with any window and overlap ratio from 0 to 1
* MDCT and its inverse
* constant Q transform
* splitting into frames
* onset detection
* pitch detection

Main properties that are read/write
* s : signal
* windowLength (ms)
* nfft (samples)
* overlapRatio (>=0 and <1)
* S : stft data

Main properties that are read only :
* sLength : signal length
* nChans : number of channels
* nfftUtil : number of bins in the positive frequency domain
* framesPositions, nFrames : positions and number of frames
* sWin, sWeights : windowed data

example that produced the description figure :

% Create a Signal object from a wav file
s = Signal('linktomyfile.wav');

%set window length to 50ms
s.windowLength = 50;

%set window overlap to 75%
s.overlapRatio = 0.75;

%compute STFT

%display log-spectrogram
subplot 311
ylabel('frequency bin')
axis xy

%compute f0 between 200 and 500Hz
pitchs = s.mainPitch(200,500);

%display it
subplot 312
ylabel('f0 (Hz)')
grid on
title('f0 detection')

%Compute onsets that both appear and low and high frequencies
onsets = s.getOnsets(0,500).*s.getOnsets(6000,15000);

%display them
subplot 313
ylabel('onset presence')
grid on
title('onset detection')

Note that :
* all properties are automatically set relevantly in case of modifications. for example, when nfft is set, windowLength is changed accordingly
* the pitch detection algorithm is designed to work with a considerable amount of background superimposed to the lead signal. It should hence give reasonable results for popular music. Note that the lead signal ought to be more or less harmonic.

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Antoine Liutkus (2023). STFT, MDCT and inverses. Onset and pitch detection (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Version Published Release Notes

This update brings back the pitch detection function that I removed by mistake when incorporating the MDCT/inverse MDCT

This new version includes
* MDCT and its inverse
* Conqtant-Q transforms (implemented by Jacques Prado)

Added an example that computes STFT, onset and main melody in the description

bugfix in the onset detection for multichannel signals

fast detection of pitch / main melody added. Designed to be robust to the (strong) presence of a background, and should hence work relatively well for pop music. Note that the lead instrument ought to be harmonic.