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Haar wavelet transformation matrix implementation

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Create Haar wavelet transformation matrix


Updated 04 Nov 2011

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Create Haar wavelet transformation matrix H for the matrix vector
multiplication implimentation of Haar wavelet transformation.
This function uses the following nice formula to create the Haar
transformation matrix:
H_n=1/sqrt(2)[H_(n/2) kron (1 1)
I_(n/2) kron (1 -1)],
where 'kron' denotes the kronecker product.
The iteration starts with H_1=[1]. The normalization constant 1/sqrt(2)
ensure that H_n^T*H_n=I, where I is identity matrix. Haar wavelets are the
rows of H_n.

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Hasan Shahzad

its works but I am trying to solve the pdes with haar transform so need some more details


How to compute the inverse of this matrix?
Please help


i need it in 3D


i have a question i need to do wavelet transform using characteristic function at critical points -1 to 1 ,,,how do i do it ,,,,,,

xuefeng liu

thanks for the post!!!!, it works

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