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Speechdemo in GUI using unofficial Google service

version (17.4 KB) by Sven Koerner
GUI to make Matlab speak via unofficial Google service using VLC as ActiveX-Component


Updated 07 Nov 2011

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This is a demo on how to use the ActiveX VideoLAN.VLCPlugin.2 in combination with the unofficial google text to speech (TTS) engine to generate speech from text.
You need to install the VLC-Media-Player and have a internetconnection to call the google service.

In this demo is a popup where you can select the language in which the text from the edit-field (type in at least 100 characters) should be read.

Four languages are implemented actually (english, german, spanish and french) and the written text should be in the selected language.

e.g: english: Good Morning!
german: Guten Morgen!
spanish: Buenos dias!
french: Bonjour!

Bugs and suggestions:
Please send to Sven Koerner: koerner(underline)sven(add)

You need to download and install first:
The VLC Media Player:

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Sven Koerner (2019). Speechdemo in GUI using unofficial Google service (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Input PROGID does not represent an Activex control.

though i have active internet and vlc

what is the failure code? (red text in matlab command)


i have vlc and internet
the tts popup screen is blank when i execute the downloaded .m file
please help

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