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Fuzzy Neighbourhood Preserving Analysis with QR-Decomposition

version (2.75 KB) by Rami Khushaba
Feature reduction (projection) using fuzzy discriminant analysis with QR-decomposition.


Updated 13 Feb 2012

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Refer to the following papers for a description. Also note that you can play around with the parameters to optimize the performance, if it is not good enough on your dataset, thought it should be.

[1] R. N. Khushaba, S. Kodagoa, Dikai Liu, and G. Dissanayake, "Electromyogram (EMG) based Fingers Movement Recognition Using Neighborhood Preserving Analysis with QR-Decomposition",
Proceedings of ISSNIP, pp. 1-6, 2011.
[2] R. N. Khushaba, A. Al-Ani, and A. Al-Jumaily, "Orthogonal Fuzzy Neighborhood Discriminant Analysis for Multifunction Myoelectric Hand Control", IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering, vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 1410-1419, 2010.

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Thank you for the code. But I have a question how to define class in this code? is it matrix which consist of text variable?.

Thanks a lot


Updated and mapping function added again.

Updated for faster implementation.

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