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Saves current variables in a delineated ASCII file:

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Updated 09 Mar 1999

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Saves current variables in a delineated ASCII file:

variable names 1st, horizontally, with data for each below the name.

Usage/Input: save_ascii(loadname,savename,dataformat,delineator);

- 'loadname' = filename of the *.mat file to save as ASCII
- 'savename' = filename to save this text output to
- 'dataformat' = format of 'double array' data (e.g. '%6f' for six digit fixed-point notation)
- 'delineator' = what to delineate data blocks with (e.g. '\t' for tab)

eg. save_ascii('data.mat','textfile.txt','%6f','\t');

This script can only handle two data types: 'char' and 'double', where the 'char' types can only be one dimensional (e.g. size = 1X15), and the 'double array's can be one or two dimensional (e.g. sizes = 52X1, 1X52, or 30X344).

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A. Schialieri

i think saveascii.m is better

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