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Flickr API with OAuth-based user authentication

version (16 KB) by Kotya Karapetyan
Matlab implementation of Flickr-compatible OAuth

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Updated 10 Dec 2011

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OAuth (Open Authorization, is used by Flickr when user authorisation is required. For example when an application is trying to access user's private photos. OAuth is decribed in The use of OAuth with Flickr is described in

For many programming languages ready-to-use implementations are available ( Here I show how to implement Flickr API OAuth authentication in Matlab.

This tutorial can be also used by developers in other languages since Matlab is very easy to read, and I concentrate on Flickr requirements to OAuth implementation rather than on specific programming techniques.

The Flickr explanation of the process is rather hard to understand. Besides in lacks some important details. This work could not succeed without helpful hints from Sam Judson on

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Kotya Karapetyan (2021). Flickr API with OAuth-based user authentication (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Jens Roesner

As of 2020, you need to do some small changes to get it to work.
All http:// needs to be changed to https:// (do find and replace in Matlab editor)
There is also a small bug/typo in the source code,
response = urlread(['' cmd]);
you need to remove the >method=< because that is already part of your cmd string.
Otherwise it seems to work, but I have just started looking into what I can do. I will update my comment if I find anything worth mentioning.

Pavel Roslovets

Great how-to of OAuth 1.0

Maxwell Agnew

Works very well, even for other APIs


Thank you very much!

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Inspired: BTC-e trade api

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