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TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.6

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TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.6



13 Mar 2001 (Updated )

TCP/IP connections or UDP packets in MATLAB

Editor's Notes:

TCP/IP connectivity is also included in The MathWorks Instrument Control Toolbox:

%TCP_UDP_IP  - Network comunication with other applic. & remote matlab control.
% This is version 2.x of the tcp/udp/ip Toolbox by
% Peter Rydester with support from  Mario Bergeron,  Mike Medeiros
% Se the pnet.c file for more information.
% (C) 1998-2002 Peter Rydester, Mitthgskolan stersund
%     GNU Public License, Se pnet.c for more license information.
% Contents.m            This help file.
% whatsnew.txt          Version history, whats new in each version
% todo.txt              What to do in future versions
% pnet.m                Help file for use of pnet
% pnet.c                C-source file for the pnet mex-file.
% pnet.dll              mex-file for Windows
% pnet.mexglx           mex-file for matlab 6.x under Linux
% pnet.mexsol           mex-file for Solaris
% pnet_getvar.m         Receives any matlab variable.
% pnet_putvar.m         Sends any matlab variable.
% pnet_remote.m         Remote control of matlab sessions.
% popmail_demo.m        Demo of how to get to of mail from POP3 mail server.
% udp_plotter_demo.m    Demo of how to receive UDP packets.
% udp_send_demo.m       Demo of how to send UDP packets
% webget_demo.m         Demo of how to get a webpage from a webserver
% webserver_demo.m      Demo of how to write a simple webserver.
%       Lates public version of the old 1.x tb.

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