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TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.6

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TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.6



13 Mar 2001 (Updated )

TCP/IP connections or UDP packets in MATLAB

Editor's Notes:

TCP/IP connectivity is also included in The MathWorks Instrument Control Toolbox:

function udp_send_demo(fun,host,port)
% UDP_SEND_DEMO - a demo that sends a squence of doubles in network byte order to local or remote host
% Syntax:
% or
%   UDP_SEND_DEMO function_string
% or
%   UDP_SEND_DEMO function_string hostname
% or
%   UDP_SEND_DEMO function_string hostname portnumber
% Default values:
%    function_string  is by default sin(0:0.1:6) that will be evaluated and transmitted 
%                     as a sequence of network byte ordered doubles (or generated datatype)
%    hostname         is by default localhost but can be any hostname if you whant to send
%                     the packet to an other host.
%    portnumber       is by default 3333.
% The purpose of this demo is to illustrate how a udp packat can be created, filled with numbers
% and then transmitted to any host and udp port. Use this demo together with udp_plotter_demo
% that receives and plott the packets of numbers.
% Example:
% udp_send_demo sin(0:0.1:50)./(0:0.1:50) plotterhost 33333

if nargin<1, fun='sin(0:0.1:6)'; end
if nargin<2, host='localhost'; end
if nargin<3, port='3333'; end

if udp~=-1,
  try, % Failsafe
    pnet(udp,'write',data);              % Write to write buffer
    pnet(udp,'writepacket',host,port);   % Send buffer as UDP packet

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