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Example of how to save or read data to an Excel archive.

version (3.3 KB) by Héctor Corte
This function writes data inside an Excel archive. Is an example of usage of commands.


Updated 17 Jan 2012

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% First we create some data.


% Now we have a cell with two rows, one % for t and another for x.
% We also have an Escel archive called % "myexcel.xls"
% We want to put those rows into the
% excel archive, in rows A and B.
% With headers "t" and "x(t)".

workwith_excel([path,name],'Hoja1',[{'t'},{'x(t)'}],[1,1;1,2]); workwith_excel([path,name],'Hoja1',data,[2,1;11,2]);

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