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Remove white space around images

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RemoveWhiteSpace removes white spaces around images.


Updated 14 Feb 2012

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RemoveWhiteSpace function is a tiny tool to remove white spaces around an image.


1. For an image: u_out = RemoveWhiteSpace(u_in)

2. For an image file, to overwrite the result on the same file: RemoveWhiteSpace([], 'file', input_filename)

3. For an image file, to make a new output file: RemoveWhiteSpace([], 'file', input_filename, 'output', output_filename)

© February 2nd, 2012, By Reza Farrahi Moghaddam, Synchromedia Lab, ETS, Montreal, Canada

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Reza Farrahi Moghaddam (2020). Remove white space around images (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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hi, is this same concept for horizontal projection profile (HPP) and vertical projection profile (VPP)?? HPP & VPP are the step for creating a unoform block of text in preprocessing step for image. I have tried using RemoveWhiteSpace function but it's not working. TQ

Thanks Richard,

I will add Image Processing Toolbox to the requirements for now.

Appears to require Image Processing Toolbox or some internal rewriting to eliminate mat2gray and rgb2gray.


A minor fix.

Removing the dependency on the Image Processing Toolbox.

Image Processing Toolbox is added to requirements.

A minor fix.

A minor fix.

A minor fix.

A minor fix.

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