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This code generates a random Sudoku puzzle or solves any given Sudoku puzzle.



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I've been addicted to Sudoku since I knew the game and I play this game almost daily in my cellphone. However, sometimes the puzzle that I tried to solve is quite hard because I need to 'guess' a value at some point. To clear my frustation, I made SudokuSolver.m to solve any given Sudoku puzzle. This m-file includes random guessing scheme, so, when it is given an empty Sudoku puzzle, it will solves it and as the result, it generates a random Sudoku puzzle. After that, another m-file, Sudoku.m was made to generate user-interface for SudokuSolver.m.

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Nikhil (view profile)

There is an issue I can't seem to fix, for the callback functions like startgameeasyfcn (~,~) in sudoku.m it gives an error saying '~' is an unexpected operator. Please help.



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