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Print a struct to file.


Updated 02 Mar 2012

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Print a struct to file. The output can be aligned to be more human-readable, or be separated by a specified delimiter.
Requires the getarg function.

struct2File( s, 'c:\file.txt', 'align', true, 'sort', false );

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Ivar Eskerud Smith (2021). struct2File (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ivar Eskerud Smith

Rob, that`s just the way it is. At the time I made this function (a long time ago) I did not know about the inputParser class. And many of my other submissions use the getarg function, so I added it as a separate submission.

Rob Campbell

Why not include getArg in this submission? Or, better yet, why not use MATLAB's inputParser class?

Ali Komai

Works great. Thank you!

Johann Walter

Really nice function !

Caution: Do not forget to download the "getarg" function from matlab file exchange website.

Sandra Gomes


this is great. you just saved me hours, thx.




It seems to do what it says. You'll need to download the other file:

I was hoping for something that would work recursively for structs. EG:
>> s1 = struct('one',1,'two','two');
>> s2 = struct('field1',1.1,'field2','a string!');
>> s.s1 = s1;
>> s.s2 = s2;
>> struct2File( s, 'C:/test.txt')

It doesn't do what I was hoping it would, but it still works for simple structs.

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Compatible with any release
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