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draw into a picture matrix

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Draws into a picture matrix (e.g. rgb) consists of: draw_bndry draw_circ draw_clline kochsnow


Updated 04 Mar 2012

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Draws directly into a multidimensional picture matrix (e.g. rgb).

fig = draw_bndry(fig, bndryy, bndryx, clr)
draws specified points (boundaries) into picture matrix (figure)

fig = draw_circ(fig, circ, clr, cen)
draws boundaries of circle into picture matrix (figure)
fig = draw_circ(fig, circ, clr, cen)
cen == 1 cross on centroid

varargout = draw_clline(fig, pts, clr, cl, varargin)
draws boundaries of polygonal lines into picture matrix (figure)
cl == 0 not closed, cl == 1 closed but no centroid, cl == 2 closed and centroid
varargin = 'bndry' then varargout = bndry

varargout = kochsnow(iters,varargin)
makes a picture of the Koch snowflake(utilizing draw_bndry and draw_circ)
made of code from
credits for the snowflake calculation go to Maarten van Reeuwijk
varargin examples:
varargin = 'm', m
varargin = 'save', 'kochsnow%.bmp' % is replaced by iters
varargin = 'show', false
can be called with one or no argument as an output
includes 'imfill' from the Image Processing Toolbox. If you don't have the toolbox just comment the line that includes the command 'imfill' and you will get the boundary of the snowflake

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