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version (1.24 KB) by Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki
Calculates the sample corr. coef. for the series with missing data expected. UPDATED ON MAR 8!


Updated 08 Mar 2012

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Highly useful for any meteorological, geophysical etc. series of observations in which missing data are expected

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Isabella Osetinsky-Tzidaki (2021). nancorr (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Oleksandr Frei

Here is a vectorized nancorr - it works same as buitlin corr(A, B, 'Rows', 'pairwise'), but faster.


merci beaucoup

Thank Matthew, first, you are welcomed to create a matrix version for this code. My code was aimed for the series (as written in a short explanation). Second, I did not regard any efficiency matter for it was urgently to do something quick and simple to calculate cor.coef. between the series with missing data. You are welcomed to improve it, up to you! Thank you in advance

Matthew Phillips

Contains an inefficient for loop (should be replaced with logical indexing) and does not replicate the behavior of MATLAB's corr when A, B are matrices.


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