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version (3.58 MB) by David Jenn
Radar cross section (RCS) prediction code based on the physical optics (PO) approximation.


Updated 27 Mar 2012

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POFACETS is an implementation of the physical optics approximation for predicting the radar cross section (RCS) of complex objects. It utilizes the scientific computational features of MATLAB and its GUI functions to provide an error-free encoding of input parameters and efficient calculation of RCS. POFACETS provides a convenient tool for a “first cut” at the RCS of complex shapes by representing its constituent parts by triangular facets.
The software calculates the monostatic or bistatic RCS of the object for the parameters specified by the user, and displays plots for the model geometry and its RCS. POFACETS calculations do not include multiple reflections, shadowing, edge diffraction or surface waves.
The software includes a set of useful utilities for CAD file inport and data presentation.

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David Jenn (2020). POFACETS4.1 (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Muhammad Haris

Spencer Sellers

M. Saboori

jason wang

thank u very much

Antonio Aguirre

Devon Cartwright

This program is amazing. I'm only giving it 4 stars because the "Build your own model" is a little clunky and requires you to click "Attach" every time you want to add a new piece to the model. If you forget to click attach, the next object you add will overwrite whatever model you have already made which can be annoying if you are deep into a model. I highly recommend you save EVERYTIME you add a new part to your model. I agree with what Christie Harper said, you have to rename Plotmodel.m to PlotModel.m and rename ShowModel.fig to showmodel.fig otherwise the program won't work.

Devon Cartwright

Caroline Loss



hanks a lot


thanks a lot


Thanks very much.I am hopeful to get one RCS sofeware to improve my study.


in RClayers.m :

line 23: I think there is a little mistake
case 'PEC':

Rcpar = -1
RCperp = -1

To my mind, RCperp should be equal to one for a perfect electrically conductor.

Great work and thanks again for sharing your codes.

christie harper

big fan. i have been using this tool for about 8 years now and always look forward to a new version.

Compares well to the more expensive and hard to use tools (e.g. xpatch)

some minor corrections for linux
rename Plotmodel.m to PlotModel.m
rename ShowModel.fig to showmodel.fig

to handle underscores in model names
in CalcBistat, CalcFreq, CalcMono
replace txt in waitbar with strrep(txt,'_',' ');
add 'Interpreter','None' to above and PlotModel

Thanks again for making this available

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