Modified Dijsktra's Algorithm to return all paths that tie for shortest

Version (3.24 KB) by David B
A modification of code published by Jorge Barrera to return all paths that tie for shortest path.
Updated 9 Apr 2012

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This code is heavily based on code published by Jorge Barrera, to the point that I have chosen to include his original documentation along with my own. His original code is linked below.

I produced this modification because I found that no implementation of Dijkstra's Algorithm available on Mathworks File Exchange would return multiple paths that tie for shortest. I have debugged this modification using several small networks, and I believe it works, but I have not yet tested it against large networks so I cannot promise that it is entirely bug-free.

In my additional documentation, you will see that I attempted, unsuccessfully, to further modify the code so that costs are computed through probabilistic addition instead of arithmatic addition (e.g. cost of moving along edges e1 and e2 = 1 - (1-coste1)(1-coste2, instead of e1+e2). I'd greatly appreciate any help that you can offer me to modify the code in this manner.

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David B (2024). Modified Dijsktra's Algorithm to return all paths that tie for shortest (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: dijkstra very simple

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