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Send email from Matlab!

version (2.43 KB) by Thomas Deneux
Support for contact nicknames, attachment of figures, m-files, and any file on the path.


Updated 04 Dec 2012

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Before first use, type 'fn_email setserver', you will be prompted for your e-mail address and SMTP server settings.

Then, to send an e-mail from Matlab, just type 'fn_email', you will be prompted for:

* recipients: press Enter after each recipient, press Enter twice to continue; if you want to define a nickname, type the nickname that you want, you will then be prompted for the address to associate with this nickname

* subject

* figures to attach: type the list of figures that you want to attach then press Enter; each figure will be saved as both a jpg and an eps file; you will have to manually edit fn_email.m if you want another format

* m-file or file to attach: press Enter after each file you want to enter, press Enter twice to continue; the function uses 'which' to find the file, therefore you do not need to put the .m extension for m-files, and you can give the name of any file on the path (and not only in the current directory); naturally, you can also enter an absolute path

* text: separate lines of text by pressing Enter; pressing Enter twice will leave a blank line, while pressing Enter three time means you finished to type the tex

* send mail now?: press Enter to send immediately, type 'n' and Enter to not send immediately; in such case, the function returns a cell array that you can edit and later send with Matlab function sendmail the following way:

C = ans; % this puts the email content in variable C
% you can do some changes to C
sendmail(C{:}) % send the email

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