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Re-orders the legend entries.


Updated 22 Jun 2012

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Re-orders the legend entries (without modifying the actual order the curves are stacked on the axes)

order - an array specifying the order of legend entries
h - axis handle (optional, defaults to current axis)

Invoking the function without an argument or with order==[] causes the labels of the curves to be returned (or displayed, if nargout==0).

>> x = 0:.1:10;
>> plot(x,x,x,2*x,x,3*x,x,4*x); legend('x','2x','3x','4x');
>> reorderLegend
[1] 4x
[2] 3x
[3] 2x
[4] x

The indices of the labels (i.e., 1 to 4 in the above e.g.)can be used to specify the desired order of legend entries.

e.g. >> reorderLegend([4,2,1,3]); % legend: 'x','3x','4x','2x' (from top to bottom)

- By default, the legend entries are in the reverse order of the indices (because the curves are in a stack).
- `reorderLegend' doesn't change the order of the curves (i.e., the indices are not changed when it's called).

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Damith Senaratne (2022). reorderLegend (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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