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Basic model of 3PHASE BRIDGE INVERTER in 180 mode


Updated 07 Aug 2012

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1.)Each GTO conducts for 180 degree of a cycle.
2.)GTO pair in each arm GTO1,GTO4; GTO3,GTO6; GTO5,GTO2 are turned on with time interval of 180 degree.
3.)GTO1,GTO3,GTO5 conduct at an interval of 120 degree.
4.)Firing pulses of GTO1,GTO4 are shown with max magnitude.
5.)Firing pulses of GTO3,GTO6 are shown with less magnitude.
6.)Firing pulses of GTO5,GTO2 are shown with least magnitude.
7.)Magnitude is varied so that pulses could be observed easily in Scope.
8.)Observe the Voltage at Scope 1 after 0.6 seconds because thats the total time required for all the pulses to trigger.
9.)Load is a star connected to 3 phase system.

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