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tcolor (a fast pcolor that likes RGB images)

version (951 Bytes) by Aslak Grinsted
Draws an image as a texture to a plane.


Updated 25 Jul 2003

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For use like pcolor but with c as a true color matrix (uses texturemap for speed)...


valid methods are: 'corners','normal','triangles'

The normal method is texture mapping unto the plane given by x and y (which may be distorted arbitrarily)

The 'corners' method is the fastest way to draw. However it requires that the area is non-distorted... E.g. that the box defined by the corners defines the area.

The slowest method is 'triangles'... (sort of like pcolor). But shading interp works with it.

c=imread('C:\Projects\My Pictures\peppermint_girl.jpg');
[x,y] = meshgrid(1:size(im,2),1:size(im,1));
x=x+y/10; %skew the image

Aslak Grinsted - July 2003

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