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PID Basics

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PID Basics is a nice way to obtain a quick intuition and understanding of PID control.



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The aim of this interactive tool is to make you familiar with PID control basics. PID Basics shows the response of a closed-loop system consisting of a PID controller and a process model.

You can choose from different controllers in their standard form (P, I, PI, PD and PID). All controller parameters can be adjusted as desired and you can observe how the responses depend on these controller parameters.

The process model can also be written in some different ways:
• Laplace Transform
• Zero-Pole Gain-Model
• Transfer Function

Several parameters can be modified interactively in the process and controller output plots by dragging the highlighted points in the graphs, including:
• Setpoint Magnitude
• Load Disturbance Magnitude
• Load Disturbance Time
• Noise Variance
• Noise Time

Parameters that characterize robustness and performance are also presented. Unstable closed-loop systems are quickly identified by the tool.

This tool is based on the interactive learning modules project by Jose Luis Guzman, Karl Johan Åström, Sebastian Dormido, Tore Hägglund, Manuel Berenguel, and Yves Piguet.

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Bora Eryilmaz


Philip (view profile)

@Slimfast: make sure you are using R2012a.


Philip (view profile)

It works great for me. I plan to use this in class.


Does not work:
Attempted to access removePos(1); index out of bounds because numel(removePos)=0.

Error in PIDBasics>displayTfProcess (line 693)
tftext = tftext(removePos(1)+4:removePos(2)-4);

Error in PIDBasics>PIDBasics_OpeningFcn (line 69)
tfprocessText = displayTfProcess(G);



Updated to include an App file for R2012b.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)
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