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Range and Bearing Control of an Ensemble of Robots

Game for steering many robots to fire suction-cup darts at a target.(note: still under development.)

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Updated 21 Sep 2012

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Jason Fox uses one joystick to simultaneously steer 64 robots in order to fire suction-cup darts at his big sister. Aaron Becker's research shows that this is possible --- provided each robot is slightly different. The video shows a sequence of moves that achieve this goal (paper in preparation). (

Also includes all the code used for this paper, including motion planning code for an ensemble of unicycles and collision checking software

With thanks to Bill Amend and Jason Fox:

A. Becker, "Ensemble Control of Robotic Systems," PhD Thesis , 2012.

hardware experiments:

Note that the above video does not incorporate collision or obstacle avoidance, which was demonstrated in

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Aaron T. Becker's Robot Swarm Lab (2020). Range and Bearing Control of an Ensemble of Robots (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Added supporting code (motion planner for ensemble and code to generate graphs and plots for paper)

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