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Implements a controller panel to provide a primitive MATHEMATICA-'Manipulate'-like facility.


Updated 26 Dec 2012

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This class adds a panel containing slider/checkbox/popupmenu controllers to provide a primitive MATHEMATICA-'Manipulate'-like facility.

A function handle that accepts aribtrary number of parameters is passed in with respective controller specification. Each parameter gets associated with a controller and becomes a 'controlled parameter'. The controllers can be used to adjust the parameters, and thereby manipulate the function (and the graphics).

For example, the attached figure was generated using:
>> x = 0:.001:1;
>> ipanel(@(a,b)plot(x,sin(2*pi*a*x)+cos(2*pi*b*x)),{'slider','Frequency 1',{0,10,1}},{'slider','Frequency 2',{0,10,5}},'MinControlWidth',250,'LabelWidth',100)

For details please check:
>> help ipanel.ipanel

Public methods: Try 'help ipanel.funcname' for help on each 'funcname'
- ipanel (constructor; adds ipanel and controllers)
- remove (removes ipanel and the controllers from a figure)
- getControllers (provides handles to the ipanel's internals)
- getData (returns the values of controlled parameters)
- display (display current values of the controlled parameters)

Author : Damith Senaratne, (
Released date : 19th December 2012

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Damith Senaratne (2021). ipanel (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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