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Inverter Control for Constant Current Load

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control of inverter is designed



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load current based controller is designed for inverter. this is for constant current load applications

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Rajesh satya

In your file PLL one port is not connected and terminal of mux is also not connected.

Siva Malla

Siva Malla (view profile)

I don't have 2012a. So, i can't understand. U can Install 2008a. I built in 2008a

hi,i tried to run this file on 2012a.

received the following error,
An installed compiler was not detected. Certain simulation modes, as well as host-based coder builds require that a compiler be installed. Please install one of the supported compilers for this release as listed at:

I have already installed win sdk.

Gary Johnson

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MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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