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Compare Structs fields

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Updated 01 May 2013

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compareStruct compares Structs fields and returns logical 1 (true) if the input structs have the same fields, and logical 0 (false) otherwise, no matter their content.

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Marco Borges (2021). compareStruct (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (4)

Marco Borges

Hey Jos(10584), sorry for the delay in notice that the code had not been updated!
Just send version 2 reviewed in February!

Jos (10584)

Something seems amiss. I do not see any code changes, Marco.

Marco Borges

Thanks for the suggestions. Were accepted and the code remade.

Jos (10584)

The code can be replaced by a one-liner:
B = isequal(sort(fieldnames(a)), sort(fieldnames(b)))

I do like the fact that you have written a clear help section, including a H1 line. As for your code, as soon as B becomes false in the for-loop you can issue a return command (no need to check the remaining field names).
You also might want to check if the input are indeed structures.

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Compatible with any release
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