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RigExpert Driver V2.4 for MATLAB

version (6.34 KB) by Gergely Öllös
With this driver,one can make measurements, generate signals or get some screenshots from the device

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Updated 26 Feb 2013

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This module controls the rig expert complex impedance meter. As always, one have to instantiate the object first, then open the port and make some measurements or generate signals etc. After you are done, close the communication channel and finally delete the object. You can make measurements, generate signals or get some screenshots from the device. The driver is self-contained, just type help RigExpert at the MATLAB command prompt and you will get all the examples you need. For instance, the following example measures the complex impedance from 200KHz to 200MHz by 1000 points and plots the result.


If you have any questions or suggestions, you can reach me on Have a nice day!

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Gergely Öllös (2020). RigExpert Driver V2.4 for MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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serbs serb

After the recommended changes, an error is issued:

Error using serial/fprintf (line 156)
Unexpected error: OBJ must be connected to the hardware with FOPEN..

Error in RigExpert/serOpen (line 207)
fprintf(obj.ComObj,cmdseq{i}); waitForIt(obj,6,1);

Error in Untitled (line 4)
Can you help me.

Chris: Try to change "waitForIt(obj,23,1)" on line 186 to "waitForIt(obj,1,5)". As long as I know, the AA series is compatible with this protocol /at least partially anyway/. Maybe only the length of the VER response has changed. If it does not do the trick, check the serial buffer what was sent over and post it here, will check it. On the other side, if it works, you are under obligation to give at least 5 USD to the first homeless person you meet :)

I couldn't get the software to work with my AA-1000. I am certain that I have the correct COM port identified, but get the errors:
Communication error (time out)!
The rig expert is not responding (make sure it is in PC mode)!
First you have to connect to the analyzer!
First you have to open a channel before closing it!

I used the test code:

I would pay money if you could fix the problem.


Only description update

formatting problems has been resolved

minor bugs and format update

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