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ffndgrid Fast 'n' Furious N-D data gridding

version (2.8 KB) by Per A. Brodtkorb
FFNDGRID Grids unevenly spaced N-dimensional data.


Updated 18 Nov 2003

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FFNDGRID grids unevenly spaced data.

This is a generalization of FFGRID applicable to N-D data. FFNDGRID may also be used to generate N-dimensional histograms or densityplots.

This is very useful when dealing with data which are difficult to view using plot3 (which, in my experience, is the case with all 3-D data that are not completely smooth).

FFNDGRID is a Fast `n' Furious way to do the same job that griddata does for you. The difference is that there is no interpolation. Empty points are left empty rather than trying to fill them using neighbouring points. Also, FFNDGRID has no problem with multiple points that fall in the same grid cell. Data are displayed using IMAGSC unless output arguments are specified, in which case the matrix of (regularly spaced) data is given along with the vectors specifying the binning.

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Per A. Brodtkorb (2021). ffndgrid Fast 'n' Furious N-D data gridding (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired: N-D customized gridding

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