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Huygens-Fresnel integral approximation, free-form apertures and rough surfaces

version (1.51 MB) by Dominik Hofer
Simulate wave propagation through free-form apertures, or off rough surfaces.


Updated 12 Jul 2013

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A Matlab toolbox to simulate light propagation for monochromatic
coherent light through free-form apertures and off rough/free-form
surfaces by means of a numerical approximation of the
Huygens-Fresnel integral.

Toolbox features are:
* GPGPU computing, using Nvidia graphics cards, CUDA and GPUmat
* rough surface generation via spatial frequency filters and
surface roughness determination z=f(fx,fy,Ra)
* free form surface generation z=f(x,y)
* arrangement of objects in 3D space coordinates (6 DOF)
* rectangular 3D grids, free form apertures via logical indexing
* artificial jitter, to reduce diffraction by the input grid
* the Huygens-Fresnel approximation
* memory management, job resume if pre-existing data is found
* some examples and visualizations

A theoretical background is given by:
Dominik Hofer, Bernhard G. Zagar, A numerical approximation of the
Huygens-Fresnel integral – Simulations of a rough wetting problem,
Measurement, Volume 46, Issue 8, October 2013, Pages 2828-2836,
ISSN 0263-2241,

View readme.txt for more details.

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