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version (2.43 MB) by David MERCIER
A Matlab GUI to plot and to analyze (nano)indentation data (obtained with conical indenters)


Updated 21 Jun 2018

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A Matlab toolbox to plot and to analyze nanoindentation data (with conical indenters)

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Update from GitHub (new version)

Update from GitHub (mainly doc)

Check for last Matlab version

New elastic and plastic models (Saha's plastic model) + New function to calculate corrected indentation depth in function of Li's parameter
+ Added checks for wrong calculations (negative or NaN values)

updated from GitHub (added options to set units for load, disp. and stiffness)

updated version number and path for pdf doc

Updated from Github with new elastic bilayer model implemented (Jung et al.) and updated doc

update version number and doc from Github

Updated from GitHub (new elastic model from Chen 2004).

debugged code for Abaqus FE model generation

updated requirements

debugged several small bugs / improved documentation / improved function for python script generation

Removed several bugs, added functions, updated documentation...

new elastic bilayer model (from Mencik) and refactored/cleaned code / updated doc

Debugging of linear model of Mencik

Small debugging

updates from github (new model, improved GUI, updated doc)

update from github (update readme and getting started) + initial setting for the mesh in python script

Update from GitHub

update description

Update from GitHub 2 (remove html files, add sphinx doc)

Update from github

add Python script example for 3 thin films on a substrate and
debugged function to generate python scripts

Removed useless script

Add check to know if YAML Google Code is installed

Add Matlab function to generate Python script for Abaqus to model axisymmetric cono-spherical indentation experiment on multilayer sample. Add indenter material properties...

Minor revision.

Change scripts into functions.
Add some plot options.
Add comments.

Preallocations of variables to optimize calculations and debugging the waitbar and the plot of residuals.

New logo

Refactoring of the code (new scripts) + debugging of some mistakes. Cleaning and new comments. Update of the documentation and examples.

Correction in HTML documentation files

Modification of the logo

Correction of name for bilayer elastic model (Perriot et al.)

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Created with R2015a
Compatible with any release
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