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KPIB: Kenny-Purpose Interface Bus

version (342 KB) by M. A. Hopcroft
KPIB operates laboratory instruments that are controlled by GPIB or serial port interfaces.


Updated 13 Sep 2013

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KPIB is a framework for operating laboratory instruments that are controlled by GPIB or serial port connections to a computer. KPIB provides a unified interface for communicating with different instruments of the same type from different manufacturers. For example, the command


can be used for any of the supported power supplies.

%% Supported Instruments

Temperature Controllers

'BlueOven' 2800 Controller for Thermotron S-1.2 Thermal Chamber
(aka "Blue Oven")
'GreyOven' ICS 4809 Modbus interface to Watlow F4 Controller for
TestEquity 1007S Thermal Chamber (aka "Grey Oven").
'WAT_981' Watlow 981 Temperature controller.
'AO_800' Alpha Omega Instruments Series 800/850 Temperature
Controller using Watlow Series 96 controller
(Modbus serial comm.) Also 'WAT_96'
(RS-232 device, specify port name for GPIB address)
'CV_TIC304' CryoVac TIC 304-MA Temperature Controller
'SI_9700' Scientific Instruments model 9700 Temperature Controller
'NP_3150' Newport Temperature Controller Model 3150

Signal Analyzers

'HP_89410A' HP 89410A Vector Signal Analyzer
'HP_4195A' HP Network/Spectrum Analyzer
'HP_4395A' HP 4395A Network/Spectrum Analyzer
'HP_8753ES' HP 8753ES S-Parameter Network Analyzer
'AG_E5071B' Agilent E5070B/E5071B RF Network Analyzer
'HP_8560A' HP 8560A Spectrum Analyzer
'HP_3562A' HP 3562A Dynamic Signal Analyzer (partial support only)


'TEK_TDS' Tektronix TDS family Oscilloscopes
'HP_54600' Hewlett-Packard 54600-series Oscilloscopes (HP_54602B)
'HP_54800' Hewlett-Packard 548XX Infiniium Oscilloscopes (HP_54845A)


'HP_3478A' Hewlett-Packard 3478A multimeter
'HP_34401A' HP 34401A multimeter
'HP_34420A' HP 34420A 7.5 Digit Nanovoltmeter with RTD measurement

Waveform/Function Generators

'HP_33120A' HP 33120A 15 MHz function generator
'AG_33250A' Agilent 33250A 80 MHz Function generator
'SRS_DS345' Stanford Research Systems DS345 30 MHz function generator
'FLK_290' Fluke 290 series (291, 292, 294) arbitrary waveform generators

Power Supplies

'HP_E3631A' HP E3631A triple output DC power supply
'HP_6614C' HP 6614C single-output 100V/0.5A DC power supply
'HP_E3632A' HP E3632A DC power supply 15/30 V
'HP_E3634A' HP E3634A DC power supply 25/50 V
'HP_E3641A' HP E3641A DC power supply
'HP_E3647A' HP E3647A dual output DC power supply
(incl. TDS 340, TDS 540, TDS 744A)
'HP_53132A' HP 53132A 225 MHz Universal Counter
'HP_33120A' HP 33120A 15 MHz function generator
'SRS_DS345' Stanford Research Systems DS345 30 MHz function generator
'HP_E3633A' HP E3633A DC power supply 8/20 V

Other Instruments

'KTH_236' Keithley 236/237/238 Source Measure Unit
'KTH_2400' Keithley 2400 Source-Measure Unit (minimum functionality)
'HP_4284A' HP 4284A LCR Meter
'HP_3499B' Agilent 3499B Multiplexer
'VH_2701C' Valhalla 2701C voltage calibrator
'VH_2701B' Valhalla 2701B voltage calibrator (limited functionality)
'OH_EXP' Ohaus Explorer precision balances (incl. Pro models)

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M. A. Hopcroft (2021). KPIB: Kenny-Purpose Interface Bus (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Martin Sensiper

I know you get what you pay for but either the syntax has changed a lot in matlab ( no single quotes on strings) or a whole lot of code is missing. This is more pseudo code than code as far as I can tell.

Dixi Liu

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012a
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: res_meas


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