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jEdit Utilities

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A collection of utilities to facilitate using jEdit text editor with MATLAB.



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Includes jedit.m helper function that launches jEdit from within MATLAB command window.

The other files are for building a MATLAB mode file for syntax highlighting within jEdit. Also includes MATLAB Function List submission (see File ID: #20912) for completeness.

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Eric (view profile)

Thanks for your submission. For my tastes, Matlab takes a rather narrow view of what is "built-in", though (e.g., xlabel() is not built-in according to Matlab).

I tweaked the code trivially to do the following:

1. Include the full search path (except for demos)
2. Label anything under the matlabroot directory structure as built-in.

This way my own functions on the path are labeled one way and Matlab's functions are labeled another.



Bundled MATLAB Function List submission for completeness.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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