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Sort Vectors Into Fractiles

version (1013 Bytes) by Wei Li
Sort vectors into fractiles.

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Updated 02 Feb 2004

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% y=fractile(x,f,0);
% PURPOSE: Sort and devide a column vector x into fractiles
% USAGE: y=fractile(x,f,ascending);
% where: y = a cell array structure containing output fractiles and their index numbers
% x = the input vector
% f = the number of fractiles to be devided into
% ascending = 1 or 0, the logical switch that specifies
% an ascending sort (0) or a descending sort (1)

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Wei Li (2021). Sort Vectors Into Fractiles (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Lukas Brockmann


Very useful, thanks!

Dan Zhang

Very useful indeed!

Will Petro

It works on my machine. The doubles are the vector cut into minor fractiles

Nina Chen

The function doesn't work! I put in a vector and y = fractile(vector, 5, 1), it gives results like
[2x2 double] [2x2 double] [2x2 double] [2x2 double] [2x2 double]

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Compatible with any release
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