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Hausdorff Convex Set Distance

version (2.75 KB) by Richard Katzwer
Hausdorff metric for convex polygons


Updated 19 Nov 2013

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This class calculates the Hausdorff distance between convex polygons. The Hausdorff distance between sets X and Y,

dH(X, Y) = max x:X{ min y:Y {d(x,y)}},

with the symmetric Hausdorff distance being

dsymH(X, Y) = max{ dH(X, Y), dH(Y, X) }.

The methods are hausdorff and symmetricHausdorff, respectively.

The heavy lifting of the class is done by the method pointDist which
finds the minimum distance between a point and a convex Polygon.

The polygons may have vertices sorted clockwise or counter-clockwise (the user must supply which), and are assumed to be convex.

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