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Creating sheets and naming them in Excel.


Updated 01 Oct 2004

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Creates new Excel file (or opens it if file exists) and name the sheets as listed in (sheetnames) and saves the workbook as (filename).


sheetnames: List of sheet names (cell array).
filename: Name of excel file.

NOTE: Follow the following rules when naming your sheets:
1- Make sure the name you entered does not exceed 31 characters.
2- Make sure the name does not contain any of the following characters:
: \ / ? * [ or ]
3- Make sure you did not leave the name blank.
4- Make sure each sheet name is a character string.
5- Make sure you do not have two sheets or more with the same name.


sheetnames = {'Mama','Papa','Son','Daughter','Dog'};
filename = 'family.xls';

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Fahad Al Mahmood (2021). xlsheets (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (12)

hao chao

Thanks a lot!

abderrazak chahid

Thank you very much.

Andrew Wilson

I've found the problem I mentioned in my last comment:

It's by design and you can't easily avoid it. Creating .xlsx files, instead of .xls files, works fine and doesn't trigger the error.

Andrew Wilson

A recent update has altered the way this function works (I'm not sure if it's a Matlab or Excel update, I suspect the latter); Excel files created with this function now produce a warning when opened in Excel that asks whether the file is legitimate. Ignoring the error and re-saving the Excel file solves the issue, but I was wondering if you could update the function to handle this.

Thanks! I still use this function all the time!

Tina Tseng

Andrew Wilson

Works perfectly and solves a problem for me. The work is much appreciated.

Exo Sceleton

Thank you for your sharing mentality.
Just the lines of code i needed.

bean bean

avi pinsker

Thak you very much, very usefull a program.
only one problem:
Invoke Error, Dispatch Exception: An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format
how do I fix this ?

Gourihar Kulkarni

An extraordinary .m file. I appreciate
your contribution to scientific community.
Many thanks.

Udya Desai

Rashid Al mannai

Very useful program

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