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Max and Min of n-dimensional Matrices

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Determines the max / min value and its index position of an n-dimensional matrix

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Updated 08 Jan 2014

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Determines the minimum / maximum value and its index of an n-dimensional
matrix. E.g., for a 2D-Matrix x and y position of the min / max value are
returned, for a 3D-Matrix x, y and z position of min / max value are returned.

Syntax: [v,idx] = minN(A) / [v,idx] = minN(A)

A - the matrix of which the minimum / maximum value shall be found

v - the minimum / maximum value of A
idx - the index of v in matrix A

A(:,:,1) = [1,1,2;1,1,1;1,1,1];
A(:,:,2) = [1,1,1;1,1,1;1,1,1];
A(:,:,3) = [1,1,1;1,1,1;0,1,1];

[v1,idx1] = minN(A);
[v2,idx2] = maxN(A);

% v1 = 0, and idx1 = [3,1,3]
% v2 = 2, and idx2 = [1,3,1]
% it is A(3,1,3) = 0
% it is A(1,3,1) = 2

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Comments and Ratings (4)

Jos (10584)

Two useful three-liners.


@Jos: Thanks for the significant improvement!

I've updated the files according to your suggestions. Will keep the files online for now as they were downloaded a few times, even though it is just a 3-liner now.

Jos (10584)

@Christopher, you know n:

[MaxValue, LinearIndex] = max(A(:))
[SubIndex{1:ndims(A)}] = ind2sub(size(A),LinearIndex)

In most cases, linear indexing suffices to retrieve a value from an array.


Does essentially the same as the two lines:

>> [v,idx]=max(A(:))
>> [x1,x2,...,xn]=ind2sub(size(A),idx)

with the benefit that the number of dimensions x1,...,xn does not need to be known prior to the computation.

I use the idx vector as follows to access a certain matrix element:

>> idxCell = num2cell(idx);
>> myEl = A(idxCell{:});

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