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Response Spectra

Dynamic response spectrum analysis, elastic and elastoplastic response spectra


Updated 14 Sep 2015

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This toolbox is suitable for carrying Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis (DRSA) for a given structure, as well as producing linear elastic response spectra and elastoplastic response spectra, using elastic-ideally plastic force-deformation relation. The necessary functions included involve apart from DRSA and spectra production, linear interpolation, eigenmode combination rules, refinement of time history in case the time step needs to be reduced, etc.

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Odd files excluded from the package

Description enriched

New features incorporated (dynamic response spectrum analysis, elastoplastic constant ductility response spectra, etc.)

Additional examples are included.

Examples were added which verify theoretical data, earthquake case studies and problems solved in textbooks.

Minor improvements in formatting

Code improvement. Examples from Chopra and Clough & Penzien incorporated.

A bug noted by Dimitris Loulelis, Civil Engineer, M.Sc., was fixed so that for T->0, Sa and PSa tend to the max ground acceleration.

Minor improvements of the example file

An example is added with all necessary illustrations for the application of the fast elastic response spectrum algorithm

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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