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Euclidean Distance

version (1.32 KB) by Ashok Kumar Pant
Calculates euclidean distance between two vectors.


Updated 31 Dec 2013

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'z=mydist(w,p)' calculates euclidean distance between two vectors w:SxR and p:RxQ and returns z:SxQ,distances between w's rows and p's columns.

This function serve same as Matlab 'dist(w,p)' but requires far less memory to compute.

It can help to overcome 'Out of memory error' in larger data set training in neural network.

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Ashok Kumar Pant (2020). Euclidean Distance (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Ashok Kumar Pant

Thank you Jan, for the optimization.


This slightly modified version is 30% faster for 800x800 matrices:

function z = mydist(w,p)
S = size(w, 1);
Q = size(p, 2);
z = zeros(S, Q);
for i = 1:S
ww = w(i, :) .';
for j = 1:Q
v = ww - p(:, j);
z(i, j) = v' * v;
z = sqrt(z);

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Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
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