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rdwt - svd image watermarking

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blind watermark


Updated 16 Jan 2014

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Selva (2021). rdwt - svd image watermarking (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Asha D.

what can be done for blind extraction? pls help



When I was running em.m and ew.m files, tis showing an error as

Undefined function or method 'svd' for input arguments of type 'single' and attributes 'full 3d real'.

Error in ==> em at 13
[I_u,I_s,I_v] = svd(LL); % extract sigular values...
Can You help me to fix that?


svd gives u,s,v

u,v are singular vectors- represents the image geometry

s- singular vector -gives the brightness of image

we perform the watermark in illumination of the image......

if you want to perform watermarking directly in color image then use rgb2hsv or rgb2ntsc and then perform watermark in luminance layer

Neha Patil

Why image turns in gray colour in processing? Why method needs original image in extraction procedure? Please Help

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