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Updated 20 Jan 2014

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There are various different ways a structure array S can count as empty:

S has one or more zero numerical dimensions, but has some fields. (SIZE(S) contains at least one zero.) In this case, ISEMPTY(S) returns true.

S has no fields, but all of its numerical dimensions are positive. (SIZE(S) contains no zeros.) In this case ISEMPTY(S) returns false, but the array is empty in the sense of having zero fields and hence no contents.

S has no fields and at least one zero in its size.

S has fields and a non-zero size, but every element is an empty matrix. Strictly, S is not empty, in that the empty matrices are its contents, but this is sometimes a useful structure to create.

Each of the above kinds of "empty" structure arrays can be useful as initializations. They can all be created using STRUCT, but it is not always obvious how to do it simply. This function provides a straightforward way to create these different kinds of structure arrays.

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