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Cross-platform memory usage information


Updated 18 Feb 2014

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Returns a struct with the information about memory usage in kB. For example:
>> printR(memoryInfo)
total: 3932392
free: 156216
used: 3776176
cache: 1154900
usedMatlab: 588220
swap: [1x1 struct]
total: 4095696
free: 3294648
used: 801048
usedMatlab: 7488

Note: MATLAB swap usage calculation on Windows was not implemented. You can get only swapusage for all applications running on the machine.

Comments and Ratings (4)

This is a great idea, but it doesn't work on my Mac. No errors are generated, but the structure fields all come back as zero or nan. Digging into the function, I can see that the undocumented "feature" command returns the correct PID, but the subsequent awk call cannot open the file /proc/(PID)/status.

I'm running MATLAB2019a on OS X High Sierra.

Nice... it works with my Ubuntu 18.04 since the built-in MATLAB function "memory" doesn't work

Excellent, and it does work on non Windows systems. Thanks.

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